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Power Dynamos Football Club and Vital Beverages Partner to Hydrate Players


April 22, 2024

Vital Beverages, a leading provider of purified water products in Zambia has partnered with Power Dynamos Football Club (PDFC) to provide optimal hydration to the Power Dynamos players.

The aim of the partnership is to strengthen the ties between sports and hydration, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle among athletes and fans alike.

The partnership involves Vital Water becoming the official hydration partner of Power Dynamos Football Club for one year.

Power Dynamos FC will benefit from access to Vital Water’s range of products including their energy drinks, ensuring optimal hydration for players during training sessions and matches. This support will contribute to the overall performance and well-being of the team.

Further, both parties will collaborate on various promotional activities, including joint marketing campaigns and community engagement initiatives. This will enhance brand visibility for Vital Beverages and strengthen fan engagement for Power Dynamos FC.

The partnership extends beyond the sports field, as Vital Beverages and Power Dynamos FC plan to undertake community outreach programmes focused on promoting health and wellness through proper hydration.

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